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What is an IP address?

The Internet is a global network and people with different computers from all over the world connect to this network. In this vast world, each computer (the computer includes all devices connected to the Internet) is given a unique address. This address is unique and indicates the location of a computer on the network, and for a better understanding, it can be used as an example of a zip code address, as each house has a specific zip code that locates the house in that country Shows the IP as well, and shows the location of the computer on the Internet. IP addresses are displayed with different numbers that follow a specific rule.

Internet Protocol Address, abbreviated as IP. IPs fall into different categories, each with its application. It should also be noted that in terms of IP structure, it consists of two parts: Network and Host. The network field indicates the address of the network to which the computer is connected, and the host indicates the address of the computer itself on the network.

Categories of IP types

IPs are usually divided into static IP and dynamic IP categories. In static IPs, your address remains the same from the ISP that provides your Internet connection. But in dynamic IPs, after each restart and reboot of the computer, a new address is assigned to it. Static IPs are used for specific tasks and are usually the IP of ordinary people of the dynamic type.

Internet IP range and IP classification

Each part of the address (each Octet) can have a number from 0 to 255. Thus, the first IP address is and the last one is, some of which are system reservations and have a specific use. For different specialized problems, these numbers are divided into different ranges and they are given a class that each class has its application.

IP Address Classes
Class First Address Last address Net ID (bit) Host ID (bit) Number of networks Mask
A 8 24 231
B 16 16 230
C 24 8 229
D NA NA NA Multi Casting
E NA NA NA Reserve