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MD5 is a cryptographic method that is widely used as a cryptographic hash function (CHF). The algorithm takes a string of different lengths as input and creates a 128-bit MD5 message summary or fingerprint.

What is MD5?

MD5 or Message-Digest algorithm 5 is the most widely used hash encryption function. This algorithm was invented in 1991 by Professor Ronald Rivest. MD5 is an extension of the MD4 algorithm, except that it is more secure than MD4 but slower than it is. This function is used in many data protection software and is also widely used in data detection. The output of this function is 128 bits, which is usually represented as a 32-digit hexadecimal number. The output of the MD5 Hash function of a data is called the MD5 Checksum of that data.

MD5 application

Because MD5 creates a fingerprint for each file, it can be used to ensure the accuracy of the files. To store information securely and irreversibly, the information can be hashed using the MD5 algorithm and then stored in a database.