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A strong password is one of the most important factors in preventing hacking and damage to your various accounts. Today, the number of online services and tools has increased, in some of which, such as various social networks, we have certain information and privacy. To prevent hacking and damage to information, we must have a strong password that is a combination of random numbers and different letters. Since it can be difficult for you to create a complex password, you can use the bombe's online strong password generator service to create the password you want with the highest possible security.

What is a password?

You are familiar with the word password by now. In general, a password is a word or sentence used to authenticate and prove a person's identity in electronic tools. In applications that require you to create an account, you must create a username and a password or log in with this information into your account. The username is usually visible and identifiable to others, which is the opposite of a password. Hard and unpredictable texts are usually used in creating the password.

The effect of password complexity on increasing security

After creating a random password online, the question may come to your mind how the complexity of the password makes it more secure? Hackers use various methods to obtain your password, such as guessing and testing by robots. This is called a Brute-Force Attack. In this type of attack, all possible scenarios are tested to find the password. That is, for example, the combination of all the letters of the alphabet is tested together. Of course, most sites try to prevent these attacks by using a validation process. This takes time, and the more complex the password combination, the longer it takes, and the security of your account is guaranteed to be effective not only in this way but in other attacks as well.

For example, it is possible to break the password 1234567899 in a fraction of a second up to a maximum of 2 months, while breaking the password A2b4@6789 takes 1500 years! In addition, some people use meaningful or used passwords in their lives. These passwords are easily accessible by searching for a person, so you should not use personal information (your name, mobile number, national code, child name, etc.) so that they can not be guessed.

Features a complex password

You can easily create a suitable password with the bombe's online password and password generation service. But it is better to get acquainted with the features of these passwords.

  • It must be difficult for the owner to remember the password and guess for others.
  • It should not be short and use the maximum available capacity as much as possible.
  • It is composed of symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, etc.
  • Do not use available information such as date of birth, marriage, phone number, etc.
  • Do not use the keys of a particular part of the keyboard and be scattered on the surface of the keys.