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The SHA256 algorithm is one of the SHA-2 variants that was created by the National Security Office in 2001 as a successor to SHA-1. SHA-256 is a patented cryptographic hash function that outputs a 256-bit value.
When encrypted, the data is transformed into a secure format that is unreadable if the recipient does not have a key. In their encrypted form, data can be of unlimited size, often as long as unencrypted. In contrast, when hashing, data of any size is mapped to fixed-size data. For example, a 512-bit data string would be transformed into a 256-bit string using SHA256( sha256 online ) hashing.
In cryptographic hashing, the hashed data is modified to be completely unreadable. It would be practically impossible to convert the above-mentioned 256-bit hash back to its original 512-bit form. So why would you want to create an encrypted message that can't be recovered? The most common reason is to verify the content of data that needs to be kept confidential. For example, hashing is used to verify the integrity of secure messages and files. The hash code of a secure file can be published so that users who download the file can confirm that they have an authentic version without revealing the contents of the file. Hashes are similarly used to verify digital signatures.
Password verification is a particularly important application for cryptographic hashing. Storing user passwords in a plain text document is a recipe for disaster; any hacker who manages to gain access to the document would discover a treasure trove of unprotected passwords. Therefore, it is safer to store password hash values instead. When the user enters a password, the hash value is calculated and then compared to the table. If it matches one of the stored hashes, it is a valid password and the user can be granted access.
What role does the SHA-256 hash play in cyber security? SHA-256 is used in some of the most popular authentication and encryption protocols, including SSL, TLS, IPsec, SSH, and PGP. In Unix and Linux, SHA-256 is used for secure password hashing. Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, use SHA-256 to authenticate transactions.

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Uses of sha256 ?

Each block contains a piece of hashed data. Can you guess which hash function is used? YES, SHA256.
As you can see, a hashed value of previous block is used to calculate the current block's hash value. An attempt of changing will create a chain reaction that will be seen by everyone. Because one of the beauties of a hash function is it is a unique, one-way-output function. Good luck figuring out the input or making an unseeable change to a blockchain.


No. Blockchain and bitcoin are not the same thing. If you want to learn the difference, here you go.
So how SHA-256 works for Bitcoin? SHA-256 is implemented in several aspects of Bitcoin protocol: bitcoin mining, merkle trees and the creation of Bitcoin addresses. Mining. SHA-256 is needed when a miner has to produce the previous block hash parameter. In order to do that the miner should follow the formula:
Previous Block Hash = SHA-256SHA-256

Yes, that's right. It has to be «SHA-256» ed twice. Is your mind blown yet from its importance?
Generating a Bitcoin address. The Core of a Bitcoin address is a public key. The public key has to be hashed by both RIPEMD160 and SHA-256. In other words:
A = RIPEMD160SHA-256
A public key is 256 bits long. Hashed version of the public key, ie the Bitcoin address, is 160 bits long. This makes it a lot more convenient for users to use due to the shorter character length aka shorter addresses. Where A is for Address and K for public key. For other use cases and details, take a look at this article.

SSL Certificates

Secure communications for websites and web services are based on files known as certificates. They are used to establish and authenticate secure connections. These certificates contain cryptographic elements that are generated using algorithms such as SHA-256. At the time of writing this article, SHA-256 generated key has never been compromised, unlike it's predecessor - SHA-1.
Since December 31, 2016, SHA-256 is an industry standard of signature hash functions for websites.
Encrypted connection between a server and a web browser is also called «SSL handshake». With this connection credit card information, login credentials and other sensitive data is secure. How it is secure? During the session all user data is hashed via SHA-256. But something tells me that you already figured it out.